Overmat A-EPS: Lightweight Subfloors and Premixed Liquid Screed

The OVERMAT A/EPS-series system is a screed mixer that enables lightweight subfloors to be poured with no hassle and total precision.

The versatility and the complete automation of this screed mixer, allow the operator to produce foam concrete mixes for insulation ranging from 100% foam (without aggregates) to 100% lightweight aggregates (without foam), as well as all ratios in between thanks to the optional foam generator.

Thanks to the double mixing tank in the rear, the system doses all the components into the first mixer. Then blends them in the second mixer, adding the foam in the third (static) mixer as required.

The entire process is constantly monitored by the on-board computer, ensuring consistent quality via a series of closed-loop controls. All the operating parameters are set via computer and then constantly monitored and corrected in real time, guaranteeing unbeatable product consistency.

All production can be certified and the data accessed via a web-based archive. As every single load is logged and stored in the system’s memory, satisfying even the most demanding jobs.

Check out the OVERMAT A/EPS-series below, or enquire today to find out if it’s the right choice for your worksite.

For more information on the Overmat product range, visit https://www.overmat-screed.com/en/machineries/

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