Overmat ALS: Self-Levelling Screed

The OVERMAT ALS-series system is the ideal machine for the precise production of self-levelling screeds.

It is the most compact in this category, thanks to the flat-bottomed sand hopper that unloads onto the conveyor belt. It has an extremely low centre of gravity thanks to the lift-up pumping tank, which remains protected during travel.
The system is fixed in a horizontal position and is highly versatile, creating whatever mix the customer requires.

All dosages are computer-controlled, from inert products with different grain sizes, to binders, additives (liquid, gel or powder) and any fibres that need to be added.

By taking readings from the sand humidity probe, the computer can automatically adjust the amount of water for each load. The consistency is always perfect, ensuring the correct slump reading, unbeatable strength and the desired workability.

The built-in diagnostics and our technicians’ remote support allow you to work easily even in the most difficult situations.
Production on site ensures careful control and maximum quality with zero transportation mileage for the liquid screed.

For more information on the Overmat product range, visit https://www.overmat-screed.com/en/machineries/

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