Cemen Tech Stationary Mixer

The Cemen Tech stationary mixer from CGS Equipment is the perfect solution for pre-cast operations, with a wide range of uses from ornamental concrete, panels and vaults to modular paving, utility structures and more. This unit offers:

On demand use – Mix exactly what you need, no waste.
Flexibility – Unlimited concrete applications and admix options.
Control – Quality, quantity and schedule.
Design – Heavy-duty box design for proper support and easy relocation.
Portability – Compact units fit any location and even the largest units can be loaded and moved at any time.
Exceptional support and back up.

For more information on the Cemen Tech product range, visit https://cementech.com/

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Model Carrying Capacity Cement Bin Production Rate*
SCD2-50 1.53 m3 0.85 m3 11.47 m3
SCD5-50 3.82 m3 1.42 m3 11.47 m3
SCD6-100 4.69 m3 1.42 m3 22.94 m3
SCD8-150 6.12 m3 2.41 m3 45.87 m3
SCD10-100 7.65 m3 3.26 m3 22.94 m3
SCD10-200 7.65 m3 3.26 m3 68.81 m3

*Measurements provided are approximations


Pour on your schedule, not readymix

Production rates from 11.5 m3/hr to 69 m3/hr

Quickly and easily change mix designs as necessary

Homogenising mixing auger produces fresh concrete

Pour the exact amount you need every time, no waste

Small workspace and easily portable