Staring SM 90

The Staring SM 90 is a versatile mixer that can be used across a variety of applications. Ready to handle a range of products from different industries, this mixer is easy to maintain and keep clean, adjustable, simple to operate, high quality and easy to load. 

Staring are known for their machines and equipment having a long lifespan, and this mixer is packed with features that make ease of use and safety better than ever. 

Ideally suited for batch quantities of 3-4 bags (80-100kg), your next job will be made simple with the Pan Mixer SM 90. 

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  • 1.5 kW El-motor 240 Volt 50 Hz
  • Hinged Cover with Safety Cut-out
  • Powerful European manufactured gearbox
  • Easy cleaning mixing head replaceable without tools
  • Adjustable and replaceable Mixing Arms made of Chrome Nickel Steel
  • Changeable mixing paddles faced with hard metal
  • Solid Rubber Transport Wheels