ChemGrout CG-050 Mini Pump

The ChemGrout model CG-050 is a portable, skid mounted, air or hydraulic powered grout pump. The lightweight aluminum construction makes this model portable for hard to reach jobs.

The holding hopper is connected directly to the suction of the grout pump to provide a continuous pumping operation. The grout pump is a 2″ positive displacement, pulsating piston.

This grout pump is available with either an air or hydraulic cylinder to power the pump. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance. The pump comes complete and ready to use with a 12.5 foot grout hose and a set of spare piston cups.

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  • Door & window frames
  • Void filling
  • Slab raising
  • Pavement dowel bars
  • Piling encasements
  • Machine base & joint grouting
  • Waterproofing
  • Piling encasements
  • Precast tunnel joints
  • Concrete floors / roofs