Overmat T: Traditional Screed

The OVERMAT T-series system is the ideal solution for the production of traditional sand-cement screed and traditional screed.

It can produce all materials required by the client and is compact. In travel mode, the mixing drum lifts up and stows away for protection. On site it is lowered for operations to maintain vehicle stability and an extremely low center of gravity.

The vehicle body is compact and always remains horizontal while creating mixes with total versatility.

Powerful software ensures accurate dosage control, from aggregates of various sizes, to binders, additives (in both liquid and gel form) and any fibers that need to be added.

The entire process is recorded and stored in the computer memory. It can be downloaded either with a handy USB stick or using an on-board mobile internet connection.

For more information on the Overmat product range, visit https://www.overmat-screed.com/en/machineries/

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