Cemen Tech M Series Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

Whatever the job, CGS Equipment has a mixer to suit, such as the Cemen Tech M Series mobile mixer. The M Series is known as the world’s most reliable volumetric concrete truck, and leads the industry in performance, durability and reliability. The result of over four decades of innovation and cutting edge technological developments, this mixer is the unit of choice for the US Armed Forces, and can be found in use in over 50 countries.

The main types of application for the M Series includes general concrete, flowable fill, precast, rapid set and overlay concrete, with various options to suit any job.

The M Series will allow you to be more accurate along every step of the process, with precise mixtures allowing for greater price accuracy. Separate materials storage allows for a fresh mix for each job, and jobs can be done on demand to suit your crew’s readiness. With less maintenance, a consistent mix, less waste and higher efficiency – your job site will notice the difference with the M Series almost instantly.

The M Series features at a glance:

  • Durability – Suitable for any location and on any type of job site.
  • Flexibility – Unlimited concrete applications and specialised options. Fulfil any job!
  • Control – Quality, quantity and schedule.
  • Support – Exceptional support and backup.

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For more information on the Cemen Tech product range, visit https://cementech.com/

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Model Carrying Capacity Water Tank Cement Bin Production Rate*
M15 2.29 m3 871 litres .85 m3 11.47 m3 /hr
M30 3.82-4.59 m3 984-1,628 litres 1.42-1.84 m3 22.94 m3 /hr
M30X 6.12-7.65 m3 1,628-1,930 litres 2.41-3.26 m3 22.94 m3 /hr
M60 6.12-7.65 m3 1,628-1,930 litres 2.41-3.26 m3 45.87 m3 /hr
M90 7.65-9.18 m3 1,930 litres 3.26-3.96 m3 68.81 m3 /hr

Standard Features

Two-Speed Cement Bin
Easily switch between concrete mixers and flowable fill applications.

Sand, Stone & Cement Bin Vibrators
Ensure materials are delivered at a consistent rate with pre-programmed auto-adjustable vibrators (excludes M15, M30, M30X).

Dual Auger Cement Metering
Take the guesswork out of pouring with consistent mix designs within +/-1 per cent every time.

Pump Master Auger with Max Life Bearing
Homogeneous mixing auger for higher discharge height plus a greaseable bearing for extended life.

Digital Counter
Calculate metres poured and track RPM of the conveyor belt with the Red Lion digital counter.

Digital Flow Meters
Simple controls with automated admix tank to ensure the perfect amount of admixture is used every time.

Heavy Duty Roller Chain
Engineering-class roller chain supports a vanner edge aggregate conveyor belt and protects the chain from debris to ensure accurate aggregate delivery.


Upsize Package
Opt for a larger aggregate bin, water tank, and cement bin to increase production.

Latex Package
For use with high-quality concrete mix designs that are used to overlay bridge decks (M30X and M60 only).

Make life even easier by mounting a mobile mixer on a trailer with an external engine.

Power Chute Lift
Accurately deliver concrete to finishers with the ability to adjust the angle of the discharge chute independently of the mix auger angle with a dual hydraulic chute.

Wireless Remote
Move about the job site while maintaining control of the mixer.

Colour System
Introduce colour pigments into concrete for multiple applications.

Ticket Printer
All materials are metered and tracked throughout the pour to generate an accurate batch ticket.

Additional Admix Systems
Add another admix system for mix designs requiring more than two admixes per job.

Spray-In Bin Liner
Get extra protection and seal the inside of the aggregate bin with a heavy duty polyuria protective coating.