ChemGrout CG-460 High-Pressure Colloidal Series

The versatile ChemGrout model CG460/2X8 is a skid mounted, high-pressure grout plant that is designed to mix and pump neat cements at high-pressures.

The CG460 features two high shear colloidal 55-gallon (208 litre) mixing tanks, and a double acting, high-pressure plunger type grout pump. Dual 55 gallon colloidal mix tanks allow for independent mixing of flushing and structural grouts. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production.

Each mixer is equipped with variable speed and high-efficiency, high shear disks, rotating at speeds up to 3,000 rpm that provides rapid and thorough mixing. The tank outlet valves are a large 4” butterfly type that assures full material flow into pump suction. The grout pump is a double acting, positive displacement plunger style that will deliver 15 GPM (57 l/m), 2000 PSI (138 BAR).

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  • Two high-shear colloidal 208 litre mixing tanks
  • Double-acting , high pressure plunger pump
  • Two colloidal mixing tanks allow for independent mixing
  • Each mixer equipped with variable speed, high efficiency, high shear disks


  • Hollow Bars
  • Grouted Anchors
  • Tiebacks
  • Post Grouting
  • Shaft Sealing
  • Water Cutoffs
  • Hydro Electric Dam Grouting