Turbosol POLI T

Worm plastering machine for common and special mortars. Poli T is a modular electric worm pump that can be assembled with different components depending on the application to be performed. When supplied with pan mixer, Poli T becomes a real mixing and pumping plant.  Two models available: continuously variable output with mechanical variable speed (EV) or 2 fixed speed (2V).

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  • Continuously variable output with mechanical variable speed drive (EV version) or 2 fixed speed (2V version)
  • Delivery manifold with cam-lock couplings Ø 50 and pressure gauge
  • 33 m cable remote control or pneumatic control to be selected from the switchboard
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Safety grill on hopper
  • Centralized switch board for pump and attachments
  • Agitator with elastic coupling
  • Manual grease pump
  • Accessory box with spray gun and set of nozzles


  • Common and ready-mixed masonry mortars
  • Rough coats, traditional, ready-mixed and insulating plasters
  • Concrete repair mortars
  • Thin layer plasters, stucco and texture coatings
  • Lightweight mortars and self-levelling screeds
  • Cement slurry injection at controlled pressure
  • Injections, geothermal injections and grouting
  • Bonding and anchoring mortars
  • Pressure pointing
  • Slab jacking
  • Fire proofing