Cemen Tech C Series Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

CGS Equipment makes it easy to get the job done fast and right with the Cemen Tech C Series mobile concrete mixer. With this versatile unit, you get:

  • Automation – Electronic control panel and digital display for quick-start operation.
  • One-button operation – Just push and pour.
  • Accuracy – Electronic mix designs for exact mixtures every time.
  • Control – Quality, quantity and schedule.
  • Safety – No-slip work platform, high illumination LEDs and wireless remote.
  • Support – Exceptional support and back up.

For more information on the Cemen Tech product range, visit https://cementech.com/

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Model Carrying Capacity Water Tank Cement Bin Production Rate*
C60 6.12-7.65 m3 1,930 litres 3.26-3.96 m3 45.87 m3
C60X** 7.26-8.8 m3 1,930 litres 3.26-3.96 m3 45.87 m3

*Measurements provided are approximations
**Built with an extended aggregate bin

Standard Features

Cemen Tech’s proprietary one-touch control system. Just select the mix design you need and the system auto adjusts. Pre-load unlimited mix designs so you are always ready for any job.

Quickly wash out on the job site to prevent material build-up.

Digital Flow Meters
Simple controls with automated high and low flow admix tank to ensure the perfect amount of admixture is used every time.

Two-Speed Cement Bin
Easily switch between concrete mixers and flowable fill applications.

Sand, Stone & Cement Bin Vibrators
Ensure materials are delivered at a consistent rate with pre-programmed auto-adjustable vibrators.

Dual Auger Cement Metering
Take the guesswork out of pouring with consistent mix designs within +/-1 per cent every time.

Pump Master Auger w/IBS Bearing
Homogeneous mixing auger for higher discharge height plus an internal bearing system pre-loaded with oil for extended life.

Large work platform
Allows you to ensure cement is properly and safely loaded.

360° Swivel
Change the flow of concrete in any direction for easier finishing.


Colour System
Introduce colour pigments for multiple applications.

Wireless Remote
Operators can move about the job site while maintaining control of the mixer.

1.5 m3 Extension
Extend the aggregate bin for maximum capacity.

Ticket Printer
Generate a custom batch ticket for your customer.

Additional Admix Systems
Add another admix system for mix designs requiring more than two admixes per job.

Electronic Tarp
Secure aggregates during transit with a high-quality UV resistant black mesh tarp.

Strobe Lights
Brighten up your work sites and create awareness for traffic around you with bright amber strobes.

Spray-In Bin Liner
Get extra protection and seal the inside of the aggregate bin with a heavy duty polyurea protective coating.