SBS PAN-DA High Pressure Pumps

The Clever & Co PAN-DA High Pressure Pump is ideal for shortcrete and refractory compounds. This versatile mix design provides turbo mixing of the highest standard, and is suited to all dry-spray shotcreting systems.

During operation, the machine produces practice no dust, and very little rebound, making use very practical and comfortable.


  • The mixing water provided by a PAN-DA high-pressure pump is conveyed through a high-pressure pipe to the nozzle at pressures of up to 100 bar.
  • The mixing cylinder is equipped with a special mixing pipe with a precisely calculated number of drilled micro holes arranged in succession on altogether 4 levels.
  • Forcing the water through the holes, results in a small meshed water grid flowing at high speed.
  • The flow of material now meets the water grid at right angles.
  • At the moment of impact, the two flows arriving at almost the same speed generate considerable turbulence with optimum mixing of the dry shotcreting material and the water.


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