Colloidal Mixers

Enhance your construction and engineering projects with ChemGrout’s state-of-the-art Colloidal Mixers. Engineered for unmatched efficiency and precision, these mixers utilise high-speed shearing action to produce smooth, homogeneous slurries quickly. Perfect for grouting, drilling fluids, and high-performance concrete, ChemGrout’s Colloidal Mixers ensure consistent particle dispersion and uniformity, significantly boosting the strength and durability of your materials.

ChemGrout’s Colloidal Mixers are indispensable for tasks like soil stabilisation, tunnel lining, and environmental remediation. These versatile and reliable mixers deliver superior results, increasing productivity and improving material properties. With specially designed tanks and mixing pumps, the mixers achieve high efficiency and profitability. Operating at speeds of up to 2,000 RPM, the high-speed diffuser pump prevents flocculation, ensuring complete particle wetness and reducing mixing time significantly. A unique powered bridge breaker device enhances flow rates through the pump, further optimising performance.

For applications demanding precise fluidity and penetration, such as dam, rock, and soil grouting, ChemGrout’s high shear mixers are ideal. They increase the apparent fluidity of slurry mixes by 20% over traditional paddle mixers, essential for accessing tight formations. In sensitive post-tension grouting, these mixers enable water-to-cement ratios as low as 0.35 by weight, producing high-strength grouts with minimal bleed water. Whether working with neat cements, ultra/micro-fine cements, bentonite slurries, fly ash, or post-tension grouts, ChemGrout’s Colloidal Mixers deliver unparalleled performance and quality.

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