CASE STUDY: Clever & Co SBS TSN Shotcrete Machine – Hazlewood Chimney Repair


Absafe is a progressive and innovative Specialist Access contractor, roviding a broad range of remedial engineering solutions for industrial, construction and maintenance projects. Their broad experience working on complicated jobs in difficult to access areas was put to good use when engaged to develop a more cost effective and efficient means to remediate spalling concrete around the capping of a 50 year old, 140m tall concrete chimney rising above Victoria’s pastures in the LaTrobe Valley, Australia, as part of a scheduled maintenance program.
When confronting the scope of works required after their initial inspection, Absafe and Hazelwood Power Station looked for an innovative solution to an increasingly common issue on these types of structures, Driven by Hazelwood’s continuous improvement process, Absafe extensively researched the potential for shotcreting at height. As the best source of this type of specialist equipment, Absafe consulted CGS Equipment for advice and to assist with the correct specification to carry out these remedial works.