CASE STUDY: ChemGrout CG500 – Sand Anchoring


Fusion Civil are a Newcastle based operation specialising in construction of retaining walls, installation of permanent and temporary ground anchors, soil nailing, shotcrete works and reinforced earth walls.

Job Description

Civil works including perimeter piling and temporary soil anchoring are currently in the process of being installed after the project was approved by Port Stephens council in 2012. The development will feature 3457 square metre shopping centre, including a liquor store and basement car park for 180 vehicles within the site.

With the piling process ninety five percent complete using the Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) method around the perimeter of the project, two hundred temporary soil anchors have been drilled and grouted by Fusion Civil. The soil anchors are installed, grouted through a spinning head fitted to the drill rig, then after several days are tensioned with hydraulic power packs to limit deformation during the construction process.


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