CASE STUDY: PFT Bolero – Ipipe


iPipe is a group of companies providing green and brownfield construction and maintenance services to the mining and energy sectors in Australia. Based in Brisbane QLD, iPipe has built a reputation of coming up with innovative solutions for its customers, and the PFT Bolero does not disappoint.

Job Description

iPipe Group was approached by one of its customers to come up with a solution for filling gas mains in regional QLD. The pipes were exposed above the ground and corroding, hence the need to take preventative measures to stop possible leakage. The challenge was to come up with a safe cost effective solution to stop leakage and solve a possible future problem. PFT Bolero

CGS Product Solution

The PFT Bolero provided the perfect solution. After conducting several trails it was decided the PFT Bolero was the best machine to suit this type of application. Various grouts need a required mixing time, this pumps unique feature allows you to mix and meet the material mixing time specifications. The PFT Zargomat gun was also used in conjunction with the machine which allowed control and isolation of the system whilst pumping.

The PFT Bolero is a versatile machine that combines mixing, plumbing and spraying, and is perfect for small building sites. With just a small power socket required for operation, the BOLERO is equipped with a 1.9 or 2.2 kW gear motor with infinitely variable speed control.  It has a conveying output of up to 12 litres / min and delivers a working pressure of up to max. 25 bar.

Simple to operate, all that’s needed for continuous mixing is an anticlockwise turn. For delivery, turn the dial clockwise.

The PFT Bolero can handle intensive mixing, including materials such as special types of mortar, textured and acoustic plaster, bentonite, levelling compounds and flowing fillers.