CASE STUDY: Cemen Tech M60 – Holcim


In the second quarter of 2018, talks began between CGS Equipment and Holcim around the Cemen Tech Volumetric Mixer range. The idea was sparked when Hans, Executive General Manager for Holcim Concrete discovered the Cemen Tech Range at a trade show in the United Kingdom.

CGS Equipment Solution

Following months of discussions and reviews of various brands and models of volumetric mixers, Holcim settled on the purchase of two Cemen Tech M60 mixers. These mixers were optioned with colour feeders for the Geostone range of decorative concrete, branded the “Readymixer”.

The advantage with Volumetric Mixers is the aggregates are now stored at one plant central to the Western Suburbs housing developments. This ensures fresh concrete on site every time, no matter what the location of the pour in Sydney. With the water able to be adjusted during the mix, the mix quality and slump of the concrete is always perfect, ensuring no issues with surface cracks or segregation.

The other advantage of this delivery method, is as the materials are stored dry, anything left over can be taken back to the plant for use on another project. This way, there is no wastage and the client only pays for what they need!

Understanding that one of the keys to success with these mixers is good operators. Holcim employed designated volumetric mixer specialists to manage these assets and provide specialist support with product placing for various civil, residential and rural applications.

CGS provided training for Holcim’s operations team in late 2018 and early 2019. CGS continues to provide ongoing servicing for the M60’s with routine inspections, repairs and onsite support and look forward to continuing with this growing partnership.

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