Volumetric Concrete Mixing – What Is It?

If you have not heard of volumetric concrete mixing before, the information below may well change your thinking about batch concreting.

Why Cemen Tech volumetric concrete mixing?

Mix specifications, time and production. Make adjustments at any time.

Fresh concrete with maximum strength and workability every time.

Streamline production and turn projects around faster with less downtime and quick clean up.

Materials are stored dry in separate compartments so there is no risk of setting.

Suitable for short pours, readymix delivery, civil applications, mining, precast, shotcrete/gunite and specialty concrete including fast setting, coloured and pervious. Great for producing concrete in remote locations.

How volumetric works

Volumetric technology makes it easy. Load your materials in separate compartments and you’re ready to go. In fact, you can be ready to pour in a matter of seconds.

Cemen Tech volumetric machines are calibrated by weight so there’s no guesswork. The operator just needs to select from a range of mix designs then materials are dispensed via the linked dual auger system and conveyor belt into the mixing auger.

Just 10 seconds later, materials are mixed and ready to pour.

Clean up is easy too –  cleanout of the mixing auger takes less than 5 minutes. Then it’s on to the next job, which can have a different mix design and quantity required until all the materials have been used.

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