CASE STUDY: ChemGrout CG-570 Concrete Remedial


OI Glass is a manufacturer of glassware in Sydney’s Western Suburbs operating around the globe since 1903. Located at the Sydney manufacturing plant where glass bottles are manufactured for the Australian market a major shutdown was commenced in March 2014 as part of the refractory maintenance program.


Well known refractory contractor BEROA were contracted to complete the remediation project. The job involved use of abseilers, scaffolding and custom manufactured stainless steel interlocking
sleeves used to encase the spoiled concrete chimney. The sleeves were then injected with a Conbextra HS high flow high strength shrinkage compensated precision cementitious grout.

The CGS Equipment Solution

The ChemGrout CG570 was chosen for its ability to produce the torque required to pump the grout material containing 1mm aggregates from ground level to the top of the 55m stack through a 1” grout hose fastened to the scaffold.

Over 1.8 cubic metres of material was pumped in 1.3 hours to the top where the abseiled team inject the grout inside a stainless steel sleeve. Our batch size consisted of 5 bags of pre blended product with ratio of @ 3.8l per 20kg of material. Yield per bag 9.8L flowable. The complete project including preparation works, grouting and installation of panels took 11 weeks to complete.

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