CASE STUDY: Cemen Tech M60


The Cemen Tech M60 was chosen by CGS Equipment to complete a concrete pour in a steep and difficult location. This versatile Volumetric Mixer was up to the challenge. 

The owner of the rural property in Sydney’s fringe, far removed from the proximity of having a local concrete batch plant, was extending a concrete driveway prior to construction of a large colorbond shed and required quality 32MPa concrete.

Due to the environmental sensitivity of the local bush land, neighbouring wetlands, warmer weather conditions and remoteness of this location, a conventional barrel concrete mixer truck was deemed unsuitable. This is where the Cemen Tech M60 comes in. 

The Cemen Tech M60 is versatile enough to fulfil any job, durable to withstand rough worksite conditions, flexible to suit a wide range of concrete volume needs, and is one of the most accurate volumetric mixers on the market. All of this combined made this machine perfect for this rural job, resulting in a successful outcome. 

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