CASE STUDY: Cemen Tech M15 – On The Job Concrete Mixing

Selecting both the M15 and CGS Equipment have proved to be good choices for our company while we have faced some challenges, the M15 has shown its versatility time and again, fitting in, under and around all sorts of obstacles that standard mixers couldn’t achieve.

Mark and Mary-Ann


In early 2019, Mark discovered CGS Equipment whilst searching for Cemen Tech Volumetric Mixers. A builder by trade Mark had also owned a concrete batch plant in the past, and saw a local market for low volume/short pours locally. With his research, On The Job Concrete Mixing was born

His idea to investigate Volumetric Mixers as a delivery method sparked when hearing of the struggles the local DIY market when trying to acquire small volumes of concrete in and around the town of Crows Nest in Rural Queensland. With Toowoomba being the closest city, concrete either requires a minimum order quantity, or would arrive on site as a hot load after travelling for upwards of an hour.

The CGS Equipment Solution

For Mark’s Target Market the smallest mixer in the fleet, the Cemen Tech M15 was the perfect choice. With the materials stored dry and mixed on site, fresh concrete can be guaranteed even If the jobsite takes some time to get to.

With some jobs being approximately 0.5 cubic metres in size, this also allows multiple jobs to be completed in one trip keeping things timely for the customer. Being dry, left over materials can be stored in the truck meaning Mark can be on the road shortly after receiving a phone call, even if it’s the next day.

The M15 can transport enough materials to make up to 2.5 cubic metres of concrete and deliver at a steady production rate of 11.5 cubic metres per hour. Usually an M15 would fit on a small 14T GVM truck, but Mark opted for the slightly larger 15.5T UD to give him more power on country roads, and slightly more ground clearance for rural properties.


Since taking delivery in November 2019, On The Job Concreting has been busy pouring everything from paths, to chook pens, shed slabs, fence posts and anything in between. Even offering a hand with the placement! You can follow Mark and his Wife Mary-Ann’s journey on Facebook.

About CGS

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